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Keynote Lecture


Keynote Lecture

A.E.(Gusz) Eiben
VU University Amsterdam

Brief Bio
A.E.(Gusz) Eiben is Full Professor of Computational Intelligence at the Computer Science Department of the VU Amsterdam and Visiting Professor in the Department of Electronics of the University of York. Anecdotic fact: he is the first author of the first paper of the first European conference in the area, the PPSN-1990. Since than he has published several research papers and co-authored the first comprehensive book on Evolutionary Computing. He has been organizing committee member of practically all major international evolutionary conferences and editorial board member of related international journals. A significant part of his work concerns the design and calibration of evolutionary algorithms in an off-line (parameter tuning) and in an on-line fashion (parameter control). Over the last couple of years he became interested in embodied evolutionary processes, hence in evolutionary robotics. This research is driven by the grand vision of the Evolution of Things.

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